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Kevin and Da'Reen Reichenberg Owners of Poppy and Pot

Kevin and Da'Reen first met in their hometown of Sacramento at a local coffee shop, but not before vetting each other on Tinder first, of course. After a few dates they sealed the deal, and four years later they got married. They have two amazing daughters that they work hard to set examples for and show that it's possible to do what you love.


While together, Da'Reen discovered her passion for floral design and a few years later Kevin discovered his for pottery. Seeing the obvious correlations, they combined forces and opened Poppy + Pot, a unique take on your local flower shop. Kevin makes the pots, Da'Reen makes the arrangements that go inside. They wanted to create an inclusive space that was more than just a shop, but a place that reflected who they were and express that through art and events. They strive to create a safe space for everyone, and celebrate those that want to be themselves.

Da'Reen Reichenberg Florist for Poppy and Pot

Da'Reen Reichenberg


Lead Floral Designer

Da’Reen Reichenberg is a queer and quirky Mother, Wife, Artist and Florist that loves to collaborate with other local and creative small business owners. She originally studied Fashion at American River College in Sacramento and finished with her Certificate in Fashion Illustration. It wasn't until she was hired at Madison Avenue Florist as the customer service chick in 2016, that she realized her true passion, Floral Design. Da'Reen spent 3 years learning everything she knows from the best florists in Sacramento; some who had been in the Floral Industry for 50 years! With that knowledge, she gained the confidence to start Daisyhead Florals in 2019 which specialized in providing floral arrangements for events, creative projects and weddings for all couples! Da’Reen has worked with brands such as Michaels, Mustella and Rose Inc., was named one of Florists’ Review’s “35 Under 35” and has become known as the colorful florist of Sacramento. After Kevin fell in love with pottery, they decided to be a walking Lifetime Movie and join forces to create Poppy + Pot in 2022. 

Kevin Reichenberg Potter for Poppy and Pot

Kevin Reichenberg


Lead Potter

Born and raised in Sacramento, CA, Kevin Reichenberg has always been interested in art. After spending around 10 years pursuing a career in filmmaking, he felt his passion was waning. For their 2nd wedding anniversary, Da'Reen surprised Kevin with an hour long pottery class. It was the first time he had ever touched clay, and something just clicked. Since then he has dived head first into the world of ceramics, consuming as much knowledge as he can through workshops and developing his skills with consistent practice. Kevin specializes in vases and urns but has experience making all forms of dinnerware. He enjoys making and testing new glazes, as well as learning new techniques in his craft.

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